Hunza Sweet Oil 100ml.

Hunza sweet apricot oil ( 30ml )

Origin: Hunza valley, Himalaya, Pakistan 3000 meter above the sea level

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Pure extract of apricot kernel oil: 98% 

Natural: 100%

Handmade processing: 100% 


Use:  no limitations

Storage: up to 25 °C  in original bottle closed away from sun light

No harmful effect of the use of the oil .


Vegetable fat 98 %

Density 880 g/l

Acid No 7.75

Soapofication   No. 180

Esteric No. 177.0

Perocsid No. 3.8

Iodic No. 95.1

Energetic value 911.00 kcal/100g

Omega 9 (oleic acid) 73.45 g/l

Omega 6 linoleic acid) 22.4 g/l

Omega 3 alpha linoleic 02.0g/l

Palmoteic 1.04

ORAC 5354 µmol TE/g

Phytosterol 2660ppm

Vitamin E 390ppm

Vitamin A 0.1ppm


Recommended also for use under 12 years of age pregnant and lactating women.

Oral use:

Hunza oil beside all the other oils is a pure 98% extract with no additives which make it a unique an valuable  product.

We recommend  that you don’t use it with metal spoon  instead use plastic or wooden spoons to avoid oxygenase.

External use:

Hunza oil has a non-irritating effect on the skin. It is for all type of skin it speeds  the regeneration of the skin and skin cells.

The linoleic acid is very useful for toning the skin

Vitamin A & E helps slowing the process of aging of the skin

Rich with vitamin K that reduces the dark circles around the eyes

Vitamin E & K with combination Omega 6 nurse the skin allowing deep penetration in the skin layers.

Vitamin E with combination  unsaturated fat protect the skin from UV ray.

Several oil drops gently applied on your skin and face.


In the cosmetic industry it has I high value because of its useful benefits to the skin softens the skin makes it more elastic and protects from UV

The presence of phytosterols helps in microcirculation and UV protection from sunlight, protects the skin from  bacteria climatic factors as high temperature and also from cold weather . It is used as a anti acne therapy that fights with the free radicals.


In Hunza the hunza peoples start to introduce the oil for their newborns from early days. They use it as a massage oil after bathing.

They give them 5 – 10 oil drops in milk or in juice before sleeping.

Several oil drops on the baby skin, gently massage the skin, the skin absorbs the oil very fast and doesn’t leave any grease marks.


Difference between Biter and sweet apricot kernel oil

Hunza oil (apricot bitter kernel oil) is produced by cold pressing the bitter Himalayan apricot kernel. Contains high percentage of  B17 amygdalin. It is recommended as a preventive product and as a support during therapy. The Hunza oil (bitter) is consumed orally an it is not recommended for persons under 12 years of age.

Hunza oil (apricot sweet kernel oil) is produced by cold pressing the sweet Himalayan apricot kernel.  Contains very low percentage of B17 amygdalin. It is recommended as a preventive product and as a support during therapy. The  Hunza oil (bitter) is consumed orally an it is recommended for persons under 12 years of age, pregnant women, etc.

This oil can be used also as a skin remedy for people of all age including newborn, toddlers, infants …etc. Helps for different type of skin diseases. It has a high value in the cosmetic industry.

Hunza oil is a 98% purity, cold pressed, 100% natural with no additives, GMO free.

Hunza oil dose not replace the medicament prescribed by your physician.