Hunza Veda Club

Exclusive owner and founder of Hunza oil from Pakistan, the Hunza Kingdom of the Himalayas

The owner and founder of HUNZA VEDA CLUB – Marina Dukoska first climbed the Himalayas and discovered the Hunza in 2005. Since then, she made the intense unbreakable ties of the Hunza and the Royal family from Hunza with the people of Macedonia. The world still knows little about this oasis of health, because few traveled or arrived to this country that has the elixir for life. These people captivate their energy, stability, the power of the body and the spirit, their philosophy of life and the points of the world. With their sincerity, uncontaminated, longevity and average life of 100 years, communication with them is communication with ancient wisdom. They have entrusted us with their wisdom, and we have an obligation to share it further through Humanity…

Only in Sanskrit and in the beautiful Macedonian language, VEDA means- same! See, Introduction. Something very old, lasting for centuries, precious and alchemy. The golden drops of Hunza-extract of their apricot kernel oil are the first but also the most valuable treasure they shared through Macedonia with the rest of the world.
Because it is created itself – need to exchange experiences among users of Hunza golden drops. Our circle grows daily. We have a mission-Spreading and publishing the forgotten truths and recipes. “For better health and longer, quality life, as long as it lasts! “In Hunza say” You need to die from old age, not from disease! “And the old age in Hunza comes after 100 years.
Business stability of the company is not due to well established and proven organizational guidance, but also to the full commitment of the team and customer care.
We strive to achieve broad cooperation with distribution companies, wholesalers, pharmacies, healthcare institutions, for a better, faster, more reliable way to the product in the hands of the client. We also provide professional advice for the oil. We strive to properly choose our collaborations, because our efforts are aimed at meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.


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